4'35'' | Concert Intervention for a latin worker

(go to the stage, face the audience, and say:)
- Program has changed
- Before Omar’s piece,
- I will perform: “cuatro piezas” - Thank you.

(wait for silence and sit down)

(wait for silence and:
read each sentence loud and clear.
wait the indicated time to say the next sentence)
- Me llamo: __________
- I have been paid to perform this silent piece for you today. (stay in silence for 30 seconds,
and look at the audience)
- Soy de:__________
- I got paid $____ per hour for cleaning this university. (stay in silence for 2 minutes and 23 seconds and
look at the audience)
- I’m getting paid $43.81 per hour, for staying in front of you in silence. (stay in silence for 1 minute and 42 seconds,
and look at the audience)
(stand up and say:)
- Muchas gracias!
(bow to the audience and go out of the stage)