Humano en tanto artista, inventor, mago, curador, docente. Deserta de dos universidades de composición. Se especializa en Sonología (Koninklijk Conservatorium – Holanda) y cursa de oyente la Maestría en arte Contemporáneo (Aguascalientes). Su trabajo se inserta en la realidad transduciéndola y funciona como un acto de resistencia. Disfruta del trabajo en colaboración y sus energías oscilan entre disciplinas. Creador del festival Punto Ciego y artista del Guggenheim Aguascalientes, es mayormente autodidacta aunque actualmente estudia la M.A. en Wesleyan.

Human as an artist, inventor, magician, curator, teacher. After having deserted from two composition universities. He specializes in Sonology (Koninklijk Conservatorium - Holland) and holds a Master's Degree in Contemporary Art as auditor (Aguascalientes). His work is inserted into reality by transducing it and functions as an act of resistance. Enjoys collaborative work and your energies oscillate across disciplines. Creator of Punto Ciego Festival and artist of the Guggenheim Aguascalientes, is mostly self-taught although currently studying the M.A. at Wesleyan.

About my work

The reading of the world through the metaphor of noise as energy phenomenon consisting in a variety of dimensions sharing influences, has allowed to my work take different approaches, from social to physics and more. This has open me the creative act to sculpt the space and think in composition even as an historical situation in which perhaps the use of sound as raw material could be a political decision.

The construction of reality is also built by the perception of time and space, that is, sound. This listening act crosses different boundaries and is embedded in our context, in our way of giving meaning to what we experience.

In the work I conceive, this holistic consciousness brings me the possibility of using parameters or conceptions from other realms in pieces that can oscillate between theatre, choreography, sculpture, video, sociology, data, etc., creating unexpected relations to reveal another knowledge from ourselves or beyond, to construct the reality.