Himno de los Durmientes

Himno de los Durmientes

(Anthem of the sleepers)
For Horizontal String Trio

The Himno de los Durmientes is a piece by Omar Fraire commissioned by the Guggenheim Aguascalientes Museum. Its a curatorship by Punto Ciego Festival. With the participation of Liminar Ensemble.

Composed through the personal sonic reading in several levels, of three images of rail train sleepers.
Violin, Viola and Violoncello wake the sound up in these sleepers. There is a social importance behind all this. Solomon Guggenheim was in Aguascalientes a hundred years ago. He had a mining smelter there and its toxic waste are still there. The working conditions were bad for the people at the mine. There was a lot of working risk and lot social inequality. The train was made for the transportation of these material to a specific place in Aguascalientes.
The sleepers of the rail train are our workers and our sound, we want to wake them up. Among its cracks lives the time of those days and the sound of today's hymn. The place drowning in toxic waste, is now our Guggenheim Museum. 

Para Trio de Cuerdas Horizontal 
Pieza comisionada por el Museo Guggenheim Aguascalientes a Omar Fraire.
Curada por el Encuentro de Sucesos Acusticos Simultaneos Punto Ciego. 
Con la participación del Ensamble Liminar.

Tanto el programa de mano, las imagenes, los atriles, el entorno donde se presenta y la pieza sonora son parte de la obra completa.
Aunque originalmente forma parte de las actividades del contexto específico del museo, la pieza sonora es suceptible de interpretarse nuevamente en diversos espacios.
Esta parte de la pieza se compone a traves de la lectura sonora a distintos niveles -desde el metaforico hasta la analogia- de tres imagenes diferentes de durmientes. Violin, Viola y Violoncello despiertan el sonido que existe en ellos.