A fence was placed near the main entrance to the Center of the Art's Zilkha Gallery, at the top end of the ramp.
Nobody dared to move the fence.
After a while, Public Safety came, asking who the fence was, and demanding me to get rid of it. After an unfruitful dispute I finally moved the fence inside the art workshops.
A division, an obstacle was shot down by a Mexican in the US. To bring a fence/border down wa required by North Amercians.

The piece also had two QR codes with different hyperlinks each on, one was facing the south side and the other was facing the north side. The code for the south addresed the encounter to this video: And to this gif at the north side: The QRs were printed on wood with laser cutter, in order to keep the fence-like home style. The fact that not all people has a smartphone with a QR scanner app, points to elitism as another way of boundary or barrier, is another layer that can narrow the reading of the piece.