Signo | rupture_meaning´s suspension

Signo | ruptura 
meaning’s suspension 

for amplified Violin and Contrabass 
2017 Omar Fraire 
Denton - Tx 

Knowledge is an operation that produces objectivity through the practice of collective inquiry with instruments about the world. There’s nothing really mysterious in that. Truth is a completely different question because truth is not associated necessarily with knowledge, knowledge is about objectivity, one kind of truth, but there are many others. There is truth about politics, truth about diplomacy, truth about religion, truth about law, truth about art. Every time there is a difference between true and false, I don’t think we have any advantage to associate knowledge with truth, knowledge is objectivity that is already large and difficult enough. Of course, I’m a relativist, like all scientists, you cannot produce objectivity without being relativist, which means you must be able to establish relations with very different types of frames of reference, and different types of people, and different types of things, you have to think from many different points of view. Whether you want to be a geologist studying rocks or an anthropologist studying people, relativism is the heart of the production of scientific objectivity.