Concert Intervention - Percusion sextet, cellphones, megaphone and performers.
2016 - Mantra Percussion Sextet

This Concert intervention is about migration of energies from one realm to another.
The notion of transducer allows to transform a text material into its different outputs. The text material is about my immigrant situation at that time. Of course this
processes ar inherent in power exercises.

Before the performance of the piece, and before audience comes in, an announcement must be made:
Only people with a non-US passport is allowed to enter.
After the piece ends, all people should come in.
The announcement should be made by the staff of the venue.
The concert is transmitted by a performer inside the concert via cellphone to the american people outside or at the lobby.
Another performer receives the narration there and transmits it to the americans via megaphone.
At the end the american people can get into the hall and the rest of the concert can go as usual.