Vacío – Bass Flute, Violin, Fixed Media.

Todo es vacío
escandalosamente insasciable
eterna obviedad

Xésar Tena

Rancho Grande 2011
Estreno en Artson II.
Audio de estudio

Vacío" came in one of those moments of lucidity, when there is so much filter and technique but many pretensions. Or I was just hungry. They say that I was born with an old soul but my lyrics are futuristic. I hope I had the age to understand everything I predicted ... or to know how to reverse it.
Omar is a composer that I've always liked to relate to. We grew up together and although we have not seen each other for years, our work continues to dialogue. I wonder if when we cross we will recognize ourselves as people. And his silence will be enough to heal me.
Xésar Tena